Have you missed me ?

Did you miss me? I missed you a lot. Do you wonder where these croissants have been all this time?


Vincent Moustache



t’s Sunday morning, just now you wake up, but you close your eyes, go back to sleep again. Wait… Come on, you wake up for the second time. You don’t get up but is the moment for the first checking of your mailbox and here is this newsletter… Living For Breakfast is back! What? How? You’re going to read it? no, you need a coffee first.

Start once & again

All this crazy magazine started in 2017. Then, I was in my second year as freelance illustrator & things where going good but I realized I couldn’t wait for clients to knock my door. I always loved magazines, so I decided to create a magazine where I could develop the themes for the illustrations of my dreams.

What should the subject be? Do you want a good advice?Whatever you do, dedicate yourself to something that you are passionate about. And I have very clear my passion: Breakfast. When I go to sleep I want to be in the morning so I can have a breakfast again. When I finish breakfast, I want the day to pass fast so I can have it again.

Morning light & coffee, this is all I want

Of course, I couldn’t be satisfied with publishing a weekly post, I wanted a magazine, or something similar, with 5 weekly sections. & the best day, I thought, would be Sunday morning, like today. A slow morning, with nothing to do but with a lot to eat & read.


Nobody knows…

… for the first I was only working on this the 7 days of the week, 5 section are a lot. But I had a good help, Fran Ruvira was by my side, doing for me all the things I couldn’t. Gràcies fran, aquest èxit també es teu. LFB was a big laboratory for me, working in fashion editorials, games, articles linking Paris with Valencia – My hometown- & Valencia with the world. But I couldn’t keep it by myself, I had a life behind, more projects coming, more life coming. So Living for Breakfast was for me a spark, which I lit from time to time to illuminate my horizon, to remind me where I wanted to go, who I am & what I want to do.

& this is what I am: I want to inspire you, I want to inspire others, to be an engine of creation, of thought, of creativity, whatever the format or theme. This is why, today, we start a new age of this magazine.

Place de la Bastille

Today is July 14TH, Bastille day in France. Far from a military celebration, today we start a small literary revolution. If you’re reading this it’s for several reasons, but the first one is that you’re already a lover of culture. That’s what Living For Breakfast, culture in all it’s expressions. Culture in all its forms, books, cinemas, art, fashion, music… This new edition of Living For Breakfast is coming with 2 good friends that will bring to our screens & tables a surrealistic world of exquisite taste. Alexandra Purcaru & Claudio Vandi from Art Cocktail Club.




I wont explain you more but…

Travels, Cocktails, Best restaurants & bars of the world…  YOU CAN’T MISS IT. Next week, first articles, only in the best mail boxes.

pict by

Juan Jerez


So, until here I can say

It’s late, I’m tired, my friend is about to have a baby so soon & here I am: traveling & living in the middle of so many places knowing absolutely nothing about my future. So, you know, the only thing we know will happen for sure tomorrow is the sun will rise & we’ll have a breakfast.

Lazy you, get your ass up from your bed ! – I know you didn’t get up hahah -. Today will be a beautiful day dear croissant. Believe me, it will be a beautiful…

Thanks for being a croissant inside this basket.

Breathe, it’s Sunday…


Vincent Moustache



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