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The kind of view you can only have in Sola de Vega  –

2O YEARS OF ALIPÚS MEZCAL: anniversary cocktails

– Alipús XX anniversary menu


his month we are celebrating Oaxaca and the 20th anniversary of Alipùs Mezcal. You can see our first article here


also asked Alexandra from Art Cocktail Club and Selva Oaxaca to create a special cocktail menu that magnifies the flavors of each Mezcal and will be offered to customers buying Alipus anniversary edition bottles. In the next serie of articles we will share with you her recipes and the visits we made to each palenque.



Sola de Vega

Sola de Vega is a secluded area south of Oaxaca with a tropical vegetation and a unique way of producing mezcal. Everything memorable here is distilled using Olla de Barro, clay pots instead of copper. A technique which is also common in Santa Catarina Minas.

– Clay pot distillation in Sola de Vega –

The fields here smell of Chepiche and the palenques are surrounded by plantain trees and breathtaking views.

– Tio Jesus. Sola de Vega –

Alipús works with three maestros: Tío Jesus, Tío Leonard, Tío Félix. Coming from different families but working like brothers to produce three mezcales that are three different expressions of the same terroir.

Cocktail Clay Essence made with Alipús Sola de Vega –

cocktail clay essence

With Tio Jésus

Style Manhattan

Mezcal aroma white flowers like chrysanthemums, roses, sweet finish.

Mezcal taste Floral, fresh, cocoa with a mineral finish.

  • 1 ½ Mezcal Tío Jesús

  • ¼ Carpano Antica Formula 

  • ¼ Giffard white creme de cacao 

  • 1 dash Cacao bitter

Stir with ice and strain into a chilled Martini glass.

Garnish with a flower.


San Juan del Rio

San Juan is producing Alipùs since 1999. The village is split in two by the river Rio Grande or Hormiga Colorada (Colored Ant) as the locals call it. On one side San Juan, with its houses castled on the hill. On the other the palenques. The Alipús palenque sits under a monumental mango tree that has been there since the beginning.

Alipus Palenque in San Juan del RioSan Juan del Rio –

When we visited with Karina she told us that when she came here for the first time 16 years ago women weren’t allowed to assist to the cooking and distillation process. Palenquero would refuse to open the oven while women were present. Things have changed since and Karina is well welcomed here.

Ode to the artichoke with San Juan –


With San Juan

Style Negroni.

Mezcal Aroma Burnt sugar, dulce de leche, cumin, clove and mint.

Mezcal taste Alcoholic sensation, fresh acidity, basil and mint. Bitter finish.

  • 1 ½ Mezcal San Juan

  • ¼ Cynar 

  • ¼ Vermouth del Professore 

  • 1 dash Angostura bitters

Stir with ice and strain into a chilled old-fashioned glass.

Garnish with cumin seeds.


tay with us dear Martinis! In the next week we will share more recipes from the Alipús 20th aniversary cocktails menú.

text & pictures

Claudio Vandi



Alexandra Purcaru



Art Cocktail Club


edition & illustrations

Vincent Moustache


published on

Living For Breakfast



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