a visit to selva oaxaca part 2

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Suddenly he saw them,

the bottles of aguardiente, of anís, of jerez, of Highland Queen, the glasses, a babel of glasses (…) built to the sky (…) bottles, bottles, bottles (…) of bitter, of Dubonnet, of Falstaff, Rye, Johnny Walker, Vieux Whiskey blanc Canadien, the apéritifs, the digestifs, the demis, the dobles, the noch ein Herr Obers, the et glas Araks, the tusen taks, the bottles, the bottles, the beautiful bottles of tequila, and the gourds, gourds, gourds, the millions of gourds of beautiful mescal “.

Malcom Lowry . “Under the Volcano”

A lot has changed

since Lowry’s hallucinated trip to Oaxaca. 

But this extract could very well describe someone entering Selva, the bar Alexandra opened in Oaxaca this year with Los Danzantes


A babel of glasses, bottles of apéritifs and digestifs and millions of gourds of mezcal. 

Everything but Johnny Walker is quite the same.

– Selva babel of glasses and bottles –


y favourite spot when I was there last May was the rightmost stool at the bar from which you can hear the brass bands playing for Bodas, weddings.

Live brass bands, great food and cocktails, with Selva Oaxaca just got closer to New Orleans.


rom here you can also see Santo Domingo Cathedral reflected in mirrors of the balcony doors.

Mirrors are everywhere in Selva: Claudia and Martina Turrent did a great job in using mirrors to invite the light of the city and mountains inside the space.

The most beautiful

thing you can see reflected in the mirror behind the bar is the painting that Raul Herrera made for Selva: “El Manantiàl de los pájaros” (The source of the parrots).

– Raul Herrera’s wall painting El Manantial de los pájaros –

It covers the entire wall opposite to the bar. Bartenders are basically immersed in a tropical forest each time they raise their heads.
The painting took six months to complete. Raul wanted to give the parrots time to find their place and slowly adding other animals on the way.

If you want to sit somewhere else you can be sure you will find your niche. You just have to like leather and velvet. From deep blue to bright green, Selva features one of the most diverse collections of vintage chairs, sofas and benches you will see in a bar.

– Fancy a green bench ? –


hile the menu is fully devoted to Oaxaca biodiversity, the furniture lets you travel through space and time. From the 20s to contemporary designers. From Europe to Mexico or even India. Did you notice the little bronze sculptures on the door ?
The owner found them 10 years ago in India and kept them until he found the right spot.

– Sexy bronze handles from India –


n your way out you will walk through a forest of palms, ferns and aromatic herbs, back to the marching bands and maybe looking for a late night taco or an Esquite, a warm corn soup.

If you have one, ask it with “todo”: chile powder, mayonnaise, cheese and of course lime.

Sleep tight and come back tomorrow for another cocktail. 

– welcome to the jungle –

text & pictures

Claudio Vandi



Alexandra Purcaru



Art Cocktail Club


edition & illustrations

Vincent Moustache


published on

Living For Breakfast



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