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Art Cocktail Club “Chefs Collection”. A new series of interviews dedicated to the chefs, producers and bartenders that we love and have worked with.

In each article we ask our guests a few simple questions that give you a glimpse of their way of working, their obsessions, their memories and their learnings.

Our first guest is Hugo Duran

Hugo is the chef of KA’AN, a jungle restaurant in Tulum where everything is cooked using open fire and ancestral techniques. 

Hugo visited us in Paris for “Silvaticus” an event at Fulgurances early September where he cooked three dishes and we mixed three cocktails, simple and tasteful as we like it.

– A dish prepared by Chef Hugo Duran for Silvaticus in collaboration with Art Cocktail Club –

1. If you could have a cocktail tonight anywhere in the world where would it be and what would you have ?

I’ve been curious about the bartending scene in Japan, how they use generic elements to making something next level only by technique, i’d have something classic, perhaps a negroni.

2. If you could wake up tomorrow and have breakfast anywhere in the world where would it be and what would you have ? 

An egg sandwich in Rabat, Morocco.

– A cocktail prepared by Alexandra Purcaru from Art Cocktail Club for Silvaticus in collaboration with Hugo Duran –

3. What do you bring with you when you travel for cooking abroad (ingredients, tools, …) ?

Dry chiles, dry leaves, dried mushrooms, cacao, insects (sometimes), maize, tortilla press, maize grinders.

4. Three words you would like people to use when describing your food ?

Minimalistic, alive, playful.

5. What’s the book that taught you the most ?

So many to mention only one…

Thank you chef ! 

You can follow hugo travels and recipes on @duranhugo


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