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Restaurant: “a place where people pay to sit and eat meals that are cooked on the premises”. 

Says the dictionary.


ut when you think of the best restaurants you visited, the ones you remember and wish would give you an unlimited-access-lifelong-member-card it was hardly about “eating a meal cooked on the premises”.

It was about a talented young chef that took the time to share her techniques and love for autumn vegetables.

It was about a cocktail that changed your opinion about Mezcal and kickstarted your appetite.

It was about sitting at the brass counter observing how dishes were being prepared in the kitchen.

It was about experience.


The collective behind ONA

@we.are.ona (@papillespronzi @bastien_fdln @clemish_ and friends) understands it very well and since a few months is opening some of the hottest pop-ups in Europe.

Working in the experiential pop-up world we know how much effort it takes to turn an ordinary -yet unique- space into a memorable experience.

The last project by ONA is called L’Appart and is taking place in Paris from September 27th to Oct 7th.

What makes it special is that it is located in a Parisian loft, literally the flat you dream of owning or inheriting: super-central, 5th floor with a 360 view on all Paris’ landmarks. That kind of flat.  What makes it more special is that L’Appart only serves fine-dining breakfast and teatime with outstanding sweet and salty food by @michael_watson92 and @charlottebillecoq. 

What makes it even more special is that Art cocktail Club is taking care of the cocktails: if you have been there you certainly saw Alexandra mixing cocktails and alcohol-free drinks exclusively created for ONA. 

We (Claudio and Vincent) will visit the restaurant as guests on October 6th so we will tell you more about the food (and wine !) by then.

The cocktails on the contrary we already know them well as we tried everything Alexandra created to pair with the food. 

Ready to salivate ?


cocktail menu at ONA L’Appart

Morning starts with a Rice “horchata”: Camargue rice milk with cinnamon and rapeseed oil.

The true star of the morning is a revisited Bloody Mary made with freshly juiced baked tomatoes and Empirical Spirits’ “Fuck Trump” @empiricalcph, a blend of habanero that keeps all the vegetal qualities of the pepper without the hotness.

A carrot-juice, pumpkin and sea buckthorn Mimosa with Petnat’ and a Tonic made of wild hops complete the cocktail parade,

All the wines are selected by Bastien Fidelin, they look amazing, we will tell you more after our visit.

Picture by @salomebtg


cocktail menu at ONA L’Appart

Afternoon is more about slow-sipping autumn cocktails.

100% grapes is made with three expressions of Uni-blanc, the grape used to make Cognac: Verseau, Pineau and Verjus all from Bourgoin @bourgoincognac .

The unmissable Mezcal cocktail is a mix of Mezcal (@mezcalbrothers), buckwheat tea, Liquore delle Sirene and a lollipop of sunflower honey, pollen and torrefied buckwheat that add sparkles of toasted bread and balsamic flowers to the bitterness of the mix.

The last cocktail is made with @empiricalcph Charleene McGee Blend of smoky juniper, Otto’s rose Vermouth, Péché Capitale infusion of guimauve, cacao, anise, apple and Oaxaca cacao nibs.
Your brain will go: juniper-rose-smoke-guimauve-cacao and will thank you for coming here for this exceptional teatime. 

If you are reading this, it’s probably already too late to book your spot, but contact us and we will be happy to give you more details about the cocktail recipes.

Text & Pictures

Claudio Vandi



illustrations & edition

Vincent Moustache



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