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Michael was a chef at In De Wulf in Belgium. We worked with Michael during ONA L’Appart Paris : Michael created a breakfast and tea time menu and we did the cocktail pairing. 

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And now for Michael Interview:

1. If you could have a cocktail tonight anywhere in the world, where would it be and what would you have ?

 I don’t hesitate at all when someone offers a Mezcal Sour. Mezcal is such a complex and diverse alcohol driven by its’ terroir and for me, using it in a Sour does it justice. And its fresh and balanced enough to drink all night long. I have never been to Mexico, but I would love an industry friend from Oaxaca to guide me somewhere close to the source to drink it. 

2. If you could wake up tomorrow and have breakfast anywhere in the world, where would it be and what would you have ? 

One of my favourite things as a child was to go to the Metzgerei (Butcher/Charcutier) where the smells were enticing and intoxicating. And then the bakery with my grandmother. We would get a wonderful selection of German Cured meats, Bauernbrot-A dense rye based “farmers loaf” that was perfect for my grandmothers homemade jams just as much those cured meats. I could go back there to that breakfast any day…

3. What do you bring with you when you travel for cooking abroad (ingredients, tools, …) ?

 My kit roll has gotten a little heavy over the years… I love fine crafted japanese knives, but also have plenty of quality european knives with me as well. These are complemented by many small kitchen gadgets. I can’t help but follow the seasons to forage and preserve; Even if i am not on any particular cooking project. You never know when you need them. Some examples would include several varieties of plant seeds or berries turned into capers. Lacto Fermented Vegetables and juices and herb alcohol tinctures are always coming along on my journeys as well. These are always fun bringing through customs in certain countries.

4. Three words you would like people to use when describing your food ?

This is a tough one… balanced, familiar/comforting yet stimulating

5. What’s the book that taught you the most ?

It’s funny, I have always bought a lot of books but dont always read them. But I take most of my inspiration and teachings from my colleagues and mentors in different restaurants. If I had to choose one book it would be Sandor Katz’ Art of Fermentation. It doesn’t necessarily teach you too many specifics, but it does teach you that you can always play around, try, succeed and also fail. And that failure is all part of it.

Thank you chef ! 

You can follow Michael @michael_watson92


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