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Nhomade chefs Matan Zaken and Baptiste Bouland are our guest for this edition of Art Cocktail Club Chefs Collection.

We worked with Nhomade for a private dinner with cocktail pairings in September and we took the opportunity to interview them about their work.

While one was experimenting recipes involving liquid nitrogen, the latter was trying to enhance a vegetable without spoiling its nature.

Baptiste is a scientific mind. His endless creativity pushed him to leave the chemisty labs behind to enroll in the globally-known Ferrandi school.

Having French and Israeli roots, Matan polished his skills between London and Paris between highly regarded cooking schools and Michelin-starred star venues.

His cuisine reflects his mixed background, his globe-trotting profile and his taste for nature.



1. If you could have a cocktail tonight anywhere in the world, where would it be and what would you have ?

Mathan (M): Un moscow Mule in Bali at sunset  à Bali.

Baptiste (B): A moscow Mule in an abandoned factory in Brooklyn turned into a bar.

2. If you could wake up tomorrow and have breakfast anywhere in the world, where would it be and what would you have ? 

M: Classic but always fashionable: a brunch in a Parisian Palace

B: Breakfast on Hong Kong hills, at the night market

3. What do you bring with you when you travel for cooking abroad (ingredients, tools, …) ?

M: I always have with me my selection of israeli spices, my precision tongs and my offset spatula 

B: My asian spices 

4. Three words you would like people to use when describing your food ?

M: Nature / Modern / Seasonal

B: Generous / Accurate / trendy

5. What’s the book that taught you the most ?

M: The hidden life of trees 

B: All the books about Modigliani


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