Vincent Moustache is elegant and Parisian, His universe is dreamlike and eclectic, a bit old fashioned.

With him we can travel to the golden age of Jazz, cocktails and cabarets. There we can meet illustrated characters like Eduardo Garcia Benito, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Hervé Baille, George Barbier, Helen Dryden, Saul Steinberg, Al Hirschfeld, Edward Gorey …

Art Decó is all around. The 20’s never were so funny!

Vincent Moustache manages also the Grand Hotel Moustache at Paris, inspired by Wess Anderson’s the Grand Hotel Budapest . Usually The clients entry with big Louis Vuitton vintage luggage. Its rooms are reserved by celebrities. Restaurant’s chef is Marcel Proust, his speciality are the madeleines, original recipe from his mother. The ball room is managed by Ernest Hemingway and cocktails are creations of Oscar Wilde. We recommend Mimosas, elaborated with champagne Louis Roederer and Valencia orange juice. We are delighted at the stage by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The tables are frequented by known artists like Josephine Baker and Frida Kahlo, who often take a seat close to Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich. In this parties you can see exclusive models from Chanel, Dior, Giambattista Valli, Prada or Delpozo. At the hotel you can find also a reading club and a cinema club. Every Tuesday are projected mute movies selected by Gloria Sawnson.

Vincent came to Paris to accomplish his dream to be AN illustrator and DISCOVER the fashion world.

Finally one day DREAMS COME TRUE. Since then, he has been sketching live in different events. Also he has published in press, magazines, books and social media, most related to fashion and luxury.

Vincent is still working and studying every day to amplify his creative limits and find new technics and theories about the esthetic, which he apply to social network. Vincent draw sweet, detailed, piano practicing the slow sketch. He plays a unified work, romantic, black on a vast white with light touches of electric color.

​His illustrations, very influenced by the cinema and photography, are intimated connected with the Parisian lifestyle. Living in the french capital, he is regular visitor of museums, art galleries, old theaters and boutiques. And delight in eating the delicious proposed by this city.

​Monsieur Moustache is a surprise box.

Optimistic and close, any time is good for laugh with his characters

.Don’t be shy!

Come here to the cabaret!

Let’s enjoy Paris together !












ART DEPT  Illustration Division N.Y.











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