When summer starts it seems like it will never end



vacations are like weddings, you plan them for a long time and when they come they go by so fast. Summer is really only a few months but when you are at the beginning, in June, you imagine that the end of summer is far, far away, somewhere called September, light years away from June.

And so we spend the summer perfecting plans and methods of laziness and hedonism to stop the time, apparently we get it and, although we are in August 29th we think that summer, at least this one, will not end.




other day Laura told me that her favorite activity at the beach is looking at the horizon. I don’t know how to sunbathe: just lie there and toast my skin without doing anything else. Looking at the horizon while on the beach seemed like a great activity and I recommend it. Then she says that in the sea she competes with the rest of the swimmers to be the person who is closer to the horizon, to have no one in her field of vision towards infinity. It seems to me a good modality but that is already at another level.




recently did a test and an interview for a job and if they had given it to me right now, this July, I would be moving to Barcelona. It was an offer in fashion to do pattern prints. For a few days for the test I was drawing 70’s hippie flowers. These are not the ones I presented but once the test was over I was left with the inspiration on my back. I imagine that they could come out of a modernist mosaic or from the imagination of Gaudi himself. That’s what I’m sticking with this summer, imagining flowers in summer. It’s a rare summer, not being able to spend much, no planning, no exotic trips.  No trips anywhere. I will stay at home, in the village, and enjoy what I have. At least I have a town with a beach to retreat to and where summers feel like real summers, even if I hardly move.

“Cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about.”

John Mayer

@vincentmoustache back of 2 swimmers on the trampoline. Illustration in black & blue. Tattoos in the arms.




to different people I’ve come across a similar non-summer feeling: “in August I don’t know what I’ll do with my life”, “I have no trips this year and everyone is having a good time”. This theme, the feeling of a non-summer, I would like to be the inspiration for the Living For Breakfast summer special, coming soon to your email inbox, if you don’t have the subscription don’t wait, get it here. The article will be a survival manual for a pre-apocalyptic, uncertain, weird summer, but that with all that doesn’t take away our good mood. We don’t value enough the little things, doing nothing, staying at home, enjoying what you already have. We don’t live the day to day. Well that looks great, don’t miss it later this week.




ETERNAL SUMMER lettering you see here is inspired by traditional Mediterranean wooden chairs. They are usually simple, turned wood and colorful. The seat is made of wicker and they are especially uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time. The letters go from thick and straight to thin volumes imitating the structure of these chairs and the thin wooden bars that hold their structure.





found these starfish on the pages of one of my notebooks and wanted to share them with you.





don’t know if they are coral, they could be any kind of plant. I imagine they are corals. I really like to see this drawing, I like how simple and organic it is.




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But only do it if you feel like it. Thanks for reading & happy summer!




@vincentmoustache back of 4 swimmers on the beach. illustration


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