I’m going to be very honest with you dear croissant, I need a vacation. A good vacation. Not going to the beach one day with a book, a sketchbook, a bottle of water and praying that the beach bar has a dataphone so I can pay for an ice cream. No, not that. I need a vacation. God level vacation: take a cruise and do not go down in the whole trip to the excursions, better yet, be the same cruise.

I don’t think I’ll take a cruise anytime soon if no one gives it to me (Is a genie from the lamp reading this right now giving it to me?) but I do think I’ll take the most important part of the vacation concept, rest.

I’m posting the Living For Breakfast very late today and it’s not even the Living. I’ll introduce you to the new Sunday issue and explain it to you why. Publishing a magazine every Sunday takes a little effort on my part and it takes time and love. Sometimes, always, I think that with a little more time I could always squeeze more themes, take more care in the illustrations.

Some time ago I had the idea, which I didn’t realize, of doing a monthly magazine or seasonal special, and that’s what Living For Breakfast will become this summer.

My dream for Living is that one day it will become a digital magazine, with its editorial staff, its army of illustrators, its offices in the middle of a beautiful boulevard in Paris. In the meantime, we will continue to have a smart, simple & seasonal breakfast.

And for your every Sunday, I would like to post here on this personal blog. Make it more personal, more me. As today is about confessions I’ll make you another one. Since a few years ago I don’t know what to post on Instagram anymore. I think it blocks me to think that I don’t post for myself and that I do it for likes, possible clients, more likes, followers…

Creative people don’t work like that, not at all. We need a playground, a place where you can be you and the next minute a giraffe. A place where you can let your mind run, sniff almost everything and meet other creative minds (Am I talking about dogs? Yes, and creative minds too, somehow they work similar).

Well, dear croissant, this blog looks great, I wouldn’t miss it. We continue having breakfast every Sunday together dear croissant.
A big hug, happy Sunday afternoon and happy summer.



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