been about a month since I’ve been disconnected from here but NO PANIC, it hasn’t been for something bad, it’s been great actually. I would love to tell you all about what I’ve been doing . For you who don’t want to read all now, every day I tell you a new chapter of my life here in stories LINKIt is as important to be present as it is to leave time and space.




Joan is a festive date celebrated on June 23rd coinciding with the summer solstice. In places like Galicia, Valencia or Catalunya, we celebrate it on the beach burning bonfires and making wishes to the waves.

This year I did it in a very special way: I was painting during the PEM FEST at La Casa de la Mar with Ponte en MarchaWhile I was painting this bands were playing King Size, Litio & Quetzali. At the same time kids where having fun doing art crafts with Komba.

Ponte en Marcha is an action that raise funds  with actions and events to support research against the for the rare disease Von Hippel-LindauAnd yes, we will explain later how you can get your hands on this painting, the money raised with this painting will go to support this cause. Thanks Rocío & Borja for all your work & for having me on board.

Afterwards we went to the beach to make wishes to the waves. You never know what wish you are going to get, make them all!




family has become bigger with Victor. Victor is a wirehaired dachshund and was looking for a home. We have a lot of work ahead of us because Victor does not know how to walk well or interact with other dogs on the street, but he is very calm and has a good heart. He needs someone who has a lot of love and patience with him. Here Victor will be very happy and he has a very cute brother who wants to help: Marcel.

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby.




to all of you who count on my art for special moments such as weddings and birthdays. This season has been full of orders in the shop online. Framed portraits, tattoos design, prints… Each order as personal as the person to whom it is destined. If you are looking for ideas for gifts or decoration, take a look at this LINK.

Thank you, thank you and a thousand thanks.




don’t know if it happens to you too, but with so much information flying over our heads and so much content in our hands, lately I’ve lost the taste for social networks (as you can see I’ve been offline for about a month). That’s why I’ve been thinking about how I could fall in love with my content again (and hopefully you too).

That’s why I’ve thought about simplifying & going back to the origins: my own blog vincentmoustache.com/magazineIt’s an online blog where I write and draw what I like and what I want. I’ve thought about publishing in this blog exclusive content and publish only a part of it on Instagram. I hope you don’t miss this party, without you these illustrations are just black lines on white backgrounds.

Every season and in a special way I will continue to publish Living For Breakfast, a breakfast and culture party, but in a timely manner and with special content. Both contents are sent exclusively through my Newsletter, be sure you won’t miss it, subscribe them in this LINK.


I hope you like the idea and to see you between drinks, coffees & croissants every week!




confess, I am very envious of people who draw without it being their job. I envy people who sit at a table and discover watercolors for the first time. That’s amazing!

I like my work so much that I don’t even think about having a hobby, but I’m working on it. I don’t know if it’s strictly a hobby, but this summer I’ve decided to go to the beach a lot and get tan. I also have a new drawing blog where I let myself draw whatever I want without thinking that it will have a use and, even, I allow myself to return to the same pages to fill them with meaningless doodles. If you like to draw or paint try to do that, paint and keep drawing things that in principle were finished, the results are incredible.

About work: This season I’ve worked – and still work – on projects that I’d love to talk about but for confidentiality reasons, I can’t yet. It tends to happen that this kind of work is done well in advance. I can’t tell you about them but I can’t miss this opportunity to be mysterious, can I?





am taking advantage of this season that I am in my village to connect with nature. Having two dogs helps a lot.


Last January I started a routine of care: sport, meditation, eating well, hydrating, relaxing, focusing on the present… and it has worked very well. I have the feeling that in these times we live in we are forced to be productive without really thinking about ourselves. We focus on the promise that if we suffer and work now it will pay off in the future. We totally forget about the present.

Working hard without taking care of yourself physically and psychologically is of no use, on the contrary, you may find yourself in a future where you cannot celebrate your success.


This time I have also been taking care of myself and I would love to share it with you in the next articles. Remember this: Only the present counts and everything is fleeting, enjoy every second doing things you like.




I hope you find all this very interesting and I hope to see you, even virtually, at the beach, the pool or the mountain enjoying a nice summer refreshment. If you don’t go anywhere too, there’s sure to be something nice to do every day even if you have to work in the summer.

Thanks for reading and thanks for having a wonderful summer, whatever it may be. If you want some tips don’t forget to check out this LINK, summer survival is possible.

Happy summer mon croissant!




can subscribe to my newsletter here & give me love with likes and comments on my Instagram account. In my shop online you can buy portraits & illustrations. For more art visit vincentmoustache.com & for anything else you need you can contact me here in any moment.

But only do it if you feel like it. Thanks for reading & happy summer!





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